My view

The overview below summarizes my view and the aimed structure of this website. It could be seen as a step by step process, but doesn’t necessarily have to be. It starts with the attention on the narcissist and their manipulative behaviour, but the aim is to eventually shift your attention to yourself.

The first steps: recognize what’s going on

I think the first step or phase is all about information and getting knowledge about narcissists and the possible extent of their behaviour. We all know the expression ‘knowledge is power’, which is very true when dealing with narcissists. You need to know what’s going on and become aware of whether someone is manipulating you. If so, you need to realize this person is showing unhealthy, manipulative, and immature behaviour.

When you become more informed, you will be able to recognize behavioural patterns and analyze what’s going on. This will strengthen your suspicions if you’re dealing with a narcissist. You probably (intuitively) knew something was wrong already, but now it can become more clear what’s really happening. In this phase, you probably will start a process of emotional detachment from your narcissist(s). You can document your findings for yourself and take the time you need in this process of analyzing and possibly accepting that someone is a narcissist. This can be a very painful process.

Shifting attention to yourself

After or during this process of learning about narcissism, the aim is to shift the attention to yourself. As a narcissist sadly pushes you into the wrong direction of having lower self-worth, doubts and feeling less like yourself, it’s time to take small steps in the right direction again. When dealing with a narcissist, everything will probably be about them in a very unhealthy way. It can have quite an impact on your self-worth. It’s, therefore, important and necessary to focus more on yourself and your energy. Narcissists drain your energy and therefore it’s important to recover your loving energy. You deserve your own kindness and attention!

Finally, it would be great to keep working on yourself and developing yourself. To protect yourself from narcissists in your environment it’s essential to learn about setting boundaries, being independent, and strengthening yourself.

I hope this website will help you in your process! You can find more about why I made this website on this page.