Dear reader,

I created this website to offer a form of help for those that experience or have experienced narcissistic abuse by parents, family members, or in a relationship. My aim is to provide quality information and insights for those that encounter narcissistic people (regularly).

The reason why I want to offer my help in some form is because of my own experience. I have experienced and still experience a narcissistic father, who has done things that I know wouldn’t be possible with a conscience. Growing up like this, unfortunately, has made me an expert in recognizing narcissistic/manipulative people and seeing their draining effect on their environment.

Now, through my website, I hope I can help others who also experience narcissistic parents or narcissists in their environment. It might help to know that we are not alone in this and that it’s definitely not easy. I also hope writing about it and helping others will be a soothing experience for me.

I can only offer my help in a very practical sense, speaking from my own experience and research that I have done. This website thus doesn’t provide professional help but might stimulate to find help when realizing what’s going on. To me, asking for help is not a weakness, but actually a sign of strong character.

This website provides information, analysis, and tips to build a foundation to recognize and break free from narcissists. Breaking free means breaking free emotionally, but also physically in some situations. I hope this website provides some quality insight in order to recognize and understand narcissistic human beings.

If you have experienced narcissists, you will know it’s hard and you might doubt if anything can help. Narcissistic people can consume all energy in a room and therefore it’s very important to get stronger yourself and to be able to protect your own energy. Learning to set boundaries is very important, as narcissists tend to push boundaries a lot. My main focus is on helping you with validation of what’s going on, self-worth, and your energy.

Learning about narcissism is only a tool in order to be able to work on yourself. As most attention is commonly directed at the narcissist, I think it’s very important to start giving attention and kindness to yourself when dealing with narcissists.

This website is personal and thus shows my interests and my view of life. I have an interest in psychology, self-help, Eastern philosophies, and mindfulness.

I sincerely hope this website is useful and helpful to you! For more information about my view click here and for contact information go to this page.